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“Having spent the vast majority of my career with the Big Six publishing houses, including Random House and Simon & Schuster, it was a real treat to work with someone like Marji Ross. She just refuses to accept the status quo, refuses to do things ‘the way they’ve always been done,’ and refuses to accept mediocrity. As a result, she has one of the best track records in the business and is one of the most talented publishers I have ever met.”

Steve Black
Vice President of Client Publisher Services, Simon & Schuster, Inc.

“As a first-time author, I thought I was done when my book was published, but quickly realized that there is a whole other process needed to actually grow a business around your book. Karen helped take my book to the next level. She offered a fresh pair of eyes to help me reach a larger audience with my book and core message. Karen helped to strategize the backend offerings as well as create language around the marketing messages for my book, so I could grow my platform in a targeted way. I trust Karen’s vision and insights, as they come from years of experience, and her coaching is always on point, delivered with kindness and wisdom.”

Susie Miller
MDiv MA, Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less

“Literary agents work with scores of publishers and editors in the normal course of their business. And I can say without hesitation that Marji Ross is one of the best and brightest. She immediately grasps the essence of a book’s message, she intuitively knows how to position that message for maximum impact, she brings passion and purpose to every project, and she is a joy to work with.”

Robert Wolgemuth
Owner of Wolgemuth & Associates, Inc. Literary Agency, Former President of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and Best-selling Author of Over Twenty Books

“Karen Anderson is the greatest thing since the Gutenberg press… Seriously, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience in book development, publishing, and direct response book marketing. She’s also done what most traditional publishers haven’t… she’s written and ghostwritten numerous best-selling books so she knows what makes a book successful from the inside out. She brings a seasoned approach to publishers and authors alike from her vast experiences in the publishing world. But not only that, she’s a businesswoman who knows the value of using a book to build a business, leveraging the power of a book to even more than providing useful and compelling content to the reader. A big picture thinker. A rare breed indeed. When the opportunity arose to get her to help take Morgan James Publishing to the next level, I jumped at the chance and have been blessed ever since!”

David L. Hancock
Founder/CEO Morgan James Publishing

“Having worked with Karen the last few years, I can honestly say our book and our business would not be where they are today without her. She gave us excellent guidance for the strategic positioning of our book, indispensable input on the development of the content of the book, and through it all she was both mentor and friend during the whole process. In the end, we have a best-selling book that has extended our audience, and our business, exponentially.”

Beth and Jeff McCord
Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Marriage

“Marji Ross is one of the savviest marketers in the $123 billion book publishing industry. If you are going to launch a book, know that nobody does it better than Marji Ross. More to the point, Marji’s PR/Publicity wizardry directly applies to launching any product, service, or event — consumer, non-profit, or B2B. A number of years ago, Marji Ross shared her secrets at a New York City Book Expo. Her session was worth the price of admission to the conference.”

Denny Hatch
Author, Freelance Writer, Direct Marketing Consultant, and Founder of Who’s Mailing What!

“Marji Ross is one of the smartest publishers I know. She has been the driving force behind dozens of bestselling authors and books, many of which we’ve worked on together. I talk with C-level executives and celebrity authors every day, and I can tell you that few publishers earn their respect. But when Marji talks, leaders listen.”

Greg Mueller
CEO of CRC Advisors and President of CRC Strategies

“Marji Ross has earned my trust and loyalty as a leading expert in the literary community. As a retired U.S. Marine Infantry officer, I expect dedication, commitment, and attention to detail — and Marji has demonstrated that time and again. When I brought my book to Regnery Publishing, her professionalism and support helped make my book a bestseller. I continue to count on her wisdom, guidance, and leadership in my work, and enthusiastically endorse her talent to my friends and colleagues.”

Scott Huesing
Retired U.S. Marine Infantry Major, Executive Director of Save The Brave

“As a new writer, I wasn’t sure where to direct my efforts. I discovered a rare opportunity in Karen Anderson. Highly recommended, she’s a best-selling author who is willing to invest in others! Her advice and expertise reduced my frustration and saved me a ton of time. If you want to write a great book people will buy and read, Karen is a one-stop shop to get you there!”

Dr. Rich Halcombe
Founder, LeaderINCREASE®

“Marji has been a great friend and colleague for over 10 years. All 10 of my books have been published at Regnery under her leadership — and I am humbled to say that every single one has become a national bestseller, thanks in large part to Marji and her amazing team. She has a great understanding of the marketplace and is a master at making sure every aspect of a book is orchestrated for success.”

David Limbaugh
Nationally-Syndicated Columnist and Ten-Time New York Times Bestselling author

“I have worked with Marji for more than a decade. We have published five New York Times bestsellers under her stewardship, and I am enormously grateful for her leadership and her support. As an author, I know how important it is for your publisher to believe in what you do. That is just one of the many benefits of working with Marji and Regnery.”

Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the House and Author of Thirty-Six Books, Including Fifteen New York Times Bestsellers

“I love it when Marji agrees to publish one of my clients’ books. And trust me, it’s hard to get her to say yes! But that’s part of her success — she is so discerning, so selective, so tough, that when she says yes, I know we have a great book, with great potential. Few people have the experience to truly know what the market will respond to and how to capture the audience. I have come to Marji often for guidance and feedback as I was developing new material. It was insight you don’t often get and increased my chances of a successful project.”

Maura Teitelbaum
Literary Consultant at Media Management Group, LLC

“My first book had just been released by Regnery, and I was giving a speech and doing a book signing at a local gun shop. As I was talking with some customers before my formal remarks, Marji pops up between the AR-15s and the 12-gauge shotguns. She chatted up the attendees, charmed the store owner, and made me feel like my book was the most important project in Regnery’s arsenal. (Which I’m sure it was!) Since then, we have done three books together, and I have come to rely on her judgment, her guidance, and her unerring sense of marketing and positioning. As a bonus, she’s been a guest on my nationally syndicated radio show on several occasions and excels at that, too! No one could wish for a greater mentor, advisor, or muse when publishing in today’s incredibly competitive market. #MarjiRocks!”

Sebastian Gorka
Bestselling Author and Nationally-Syndicated Radio Show Host

“When Marji first came to Regnery in 1999, NBN had already been selling and distributing their books for a decade, so I didn’t know what to expect, especially from someone new to the book business. How delighted I was, therefore, to discover a business leader with great marketing skill, a knack for positioning books to sell, an immediate understanding of her market, and an excellent ability to persuade salespeople who’ve ‘heard it all before’ that this book could be the next big thing. Often her books were the next big thing and sometimes they hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller lists!”

Jed Lyons
President and CEO of Roman and Littlefield Publishing Group and CEO of National Book Network

“Every time I’m in a meeting with Marji, I learn something. In fact, a lot of what I know about positioning, marketing, and selling books came from her and her no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach. I’ve been lucky to represent authors who’ve received seven- and eight-figure advances, and dozens of New York Times bestsellers. Much of that success is related — in one way or another — to the wisdom and judgment I learned from Marji Ross.”

Keith Urbahn
President and Founding Partner of Javelin Literary and Creative Agency

“Negotiating contracts can be a messy and contentious business. Too often, I end up negotiating with someone who is trying to ‘win’ the fight. Marji is one of those rare executives who knows that the best business relationships result from a negotiation where both sides win. She has a remarkable ability to be tough and fair, protective and supportive. I think that’s why so many authors love working with her.”

Kathy Lubbers
President of The Lubbers Agency

“I’ve known Marji for more than 30 years. Honestly, I met her through her late husband, the great Mac Ross, who was my friend and business partner for many years. So, I saw Marji through perhaps a different lens than most of her business associates. Only later did I have the chance to work with her professionally — and what a surprise she was! Turns out she is a superb marketer, a first-class book publisher, an innovator of the first order, and an incredible leader. No wonder she could hold her own with the legendary Mac Ross. And no wonder, too, that she has become one of the most successful book publishers in the country.”

Jay Abraham
Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc., Strategic Marketing Expert

“I have dedicated the last 27 years of my career to mentoring and supporting young conservative women, most of whom are vilified and bullied on college campuses across the country. These brave young women need female role models, women of courage and conviction, women who have successfully balanced work and family, women of integrity. Marji is one of their favorites. For decades, she has been committed to helping young women, to mentoring them personally, and to providing direct and specific instruction and inspiration. Marji has a whole ‘fan club’ of young women on college campuses across the country who have met her, heard her speak, and connected with her personally. She has been incredibly generous with her time and her help.”

Michelle Easton
Founder and President of Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women

“I’ve worked with Marji for more than 30 years, and she has become one of the most creative, insightful, and successful publishers in the business. Back when she started, she was a junior editor working on my newsletter (back when she had no children and I had more hair), but even then her feedback and editing advice was spot-on. Fast forward 30 years and she has become a powerhouse in the publishing business. Her speeches at our annual conferences are always standing-room-only, and her success stories are legendary.”

Mark Skousen
PhD in Monetary Economics, Editor of Award-Winning Investment Newsletter Forecasts & Strategies, Founder and Producer of FreedomFest

“Marji Ross took on a huge project in publishing The Rational Bible, and she managed it with great ideas and a wonderful attitude. The books would not have been nearly as successful without her experience, management, insights, and direction. I’m so glad we had her taking the lead. I would happily involve her again in any publishing project.”

Joel Alperson
President of Omaha Fixture International, Inc.

“I can’t even begin to describe how Karen Anderson’s knowledge and insights have made a huge impact for my book and my business. When I first met her, she asked me a number of perceptive questions, and I felt like she just ‘got me.’ She knew what I wanted to accomplish in my business and helped me use my book to achieve my goals and, in the process, I’ve found the kind of success I never could have imagined. Love her!”

Lisa Canning
Possibility Mom: How to be a Great Mom and Pursue Your Dreams at the Same Time

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